Hurricane of '38

Hurricane of ’38 Fall 2013

Art of Knots Summer 2013

Art of Knots 2013

Art of Knots Summer 2013

Art of Knots Summer 2013

Mattapoisett, Place of Rest Summer 2012

Mattapoisett, Place of Rest Summer 2012


The Mattapoisett Historical Society Museum houses over 30,000 artifacts and documents to help visitors explore Mattapoisett’s past, learning how the community has grown into what it is today.
The Museum houses several permanent exhibits including a significant number of maritime artifacts and memorabilia from America’s whaling era, Native American artifacts, an outstanding collection of antique vehicles, a complete blacksmith shop from the 1800s, a colonial kitchen and loom, an 1890’s kitchen, antique farming equipment, furniture,  and domestic artifacts from bygone eras.

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Scrimshaw to Survival, Summer 2015

New exhibit follows family from whaling industry to junior high camping by Georgia Sparling | Sippican Week

Mattapoisett’s Finest, Summer 2014

‘Mattapoisett’s Finest’ honored at new exhibit by Georgia Sparling | Sippican Week

Hurricane of 1938, Summer 2013

Out to sea with the Hurricane of 1938
by Georgia Sparling | Sippican Week

The 1938 Hurricane : A Wind To Shake The World – Everett S. Allen

The Art of Knots, Summer 2013

Summer exhibit explores Art of Knots
Sippican Week | Happenings | June 26, 2013

Clifford W. Ashley’s “A Chart of the Whale Coast of New England” c. 1810