Scavenger hunt sends kids around town

February 18, 2016

By Georgia Sparling

MATTAPOISETT — Identifying a fid at the Mattapoisett Historical Museum, seeking out a boundary marker at Munro Preserve and finding a plaque for Florence Eastman at the Mattapoisett Library were just a few of the clues kids sought out at the first annual Seaside Scavenger Hunt on Thursday afternoon.

Said one enthusiastic participant before the event began: “Once you find it, yell as loud as you can!”

Andrew Porter and Andrew Scott scan the clues in the Mattapoisett Historical Society Carriage House. (Photo by: Georgia Sparling)

A collaboration between the Mattapoisett Historical Society and the Mattapoisett Land Trust, the scavenger hunt gave kids the opportunity to stretch their legs and find landmarks that are historically and naturally significant.

Historical Society President Jennifer McIntire said Land Trust member Ellen Flynn came up with the idea, and the sunny day turned out to be a great one for exploring the Village.

One of the harder clues was trying to figure out what this stone with a cross on it meant. Spoiler alert: It’s a boundary marker for surveyors. (Photo by: Georgia Sparling)

“We thought February vacation, people might be needing things to do,” said McIntire.

She was right. After below freezing temperatures and then heavy rains, kids were ready to get out and about. Armed with a clipboard full of clues, three teams with around 15 kids total canvassed the library, Munro Preserve, the museum and Cannon Street.

Along the way they discovered the names of the piers at Town Wharf, a plaque in dedication to a man who died on the Titanic and picked up clam shells.

The event ended with everyone finding a few small prizes and snacks at the museum.

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